In July 1966, 6th National Jazz and Blues Festival, Windsor, two Marshall 8×12 cabinets, with Telecaster with unknown neck (possibly a Grimshaw dot neck) from previous photo, awaiting its fate against the cabinet. It didn't matter how much overdrive Pete dialled in, you could always hear his right hand hit the strings. Two chrome knobs (volume and “blend”), three-position toggle switch. My other favorite guitars are a red '59 Gibson ES-355, a '59 sunburst Les Paul, a custom green quilted-maple telecaster, and three Rickenbackers -- my first 330, an amazing '66 wood-grain 330, and a 12-string that used to belong to Pete Townshend. This is the guitar that links country jazz players like Danny Gatton to classic rocker Pete Townshend of The Who and Slipknot's masks metalhead Jim Root. Pete Townshend owns or owned at least two 1952 vintage Fender Telecasters, which he used on Empty Glass and Face Dances. This information, along with all other content included in Whotabs, is intended for private study, scholarship or research. Pete favored the Hiwatt amps and speakers from the late 1960's all the way through the 1982 era. The Who Pete Townshend Autographed Signed Fender Tele Guitar + Display AFTAL $7,951.49 Regular: $8,834.99 Free Shipping. Same German television promotional appearance ca. Pete fell in love with the guitar and the rest is history. Pete Townshend is definitely underrated as a guitarplayer (we don't have to argue what a terrific songwriter and lyricist he is), he is one of the best rhythmplayers I've ever heard. [CDATA[ Unlike the Ricks, with their neck-through-body construction and a hollow body that Pete likened to “balsa wood” or “cardboard,” the Telecaster, with its bolt-on neck and solid Alder slab body, could take multiple blows before breaking and be easily reconstructed for the next show. Some of the signature guitarists are Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Jamie Cook, and Syd Barrett. This is a guitar that needs no introduction: the Schecter Pete Townshend Telecaster. And then there's a '69 Strat I bought from Jeff Beck. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. One-piece, rounded “U” shape maple neck with truss rod. Whotabs has been updated, 9 Oct. 2020. In addition, he returned to the Telecaster style with the Schecter (and Giffin) “Tele”-style guitars in 1979–1982. Originally introduced to Pete by his guitar tech Alan Rogan in '78, Pete used this model from '79 (Concert for Kampuchea) to '85 (Live Aid). Sale. This is accomplished by spring-loaded levers inside the guitar’s body, which connect the bridge to the strap button on the upper bout. // ]]> -->. With the Who’s ever-mounting debts, their guitar destruction stage act became increasingly expensive. I stayed with Rickenbackers for a long time and then I started to use Fenders. It’s a California guitar. The following instrument was used / played by Pete Townshend from the iconic british band THE WHO, please see full details. But that didn’t last long because the sound of them wasn’t quite right for what I wanted. , In July 1966, 6th National Jazz and Blues Festival, Windsor, two Marshall 8×12 cabinets (topped by Marshall JTM45 100 Tremolo amps) being impaled by a Fender Telecaster fitted with a non-Fender rosewood neck (possibly a Grimshaw dot neck). Check out this primer in unlocking the Townshend's legendary tone. Flat pole pickup in bridge position; chrome-covered pickup at neck position. Associated images are included for reference only and are the property of the original owner.