Who will come away with the victory? Shadow: Chaos Spears! Or that when they're adults {I don't know what age Sonic and Shadow are so I'll just say adults} Or are you saying when Super Sonic, Super Shadow, vs Super Vegeta and Super Goku. Shadow Guard: Shadow crosses both his arms to brace from oncoming attacks while using Chaos Control to power the guard, creating a spherical barrier. In terms of stats, he becomes much stronger and more durable than his base form. NO RESEARCH! Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaioken x10 (SSGSS Kaioken x10): A transformation that combines the power of SSGSS with Kaioken x10. If you divide that by 9, you get 44444444444.444 solar systems per year, which is 115365202.971 solar systems per day, which is 1335.24540476 per second as the grand total for SSJ3 Goku's DC. Vegeta looked at Goku and sighed turning Super Saiyan 2 as well. But when the smoke clears, Shadow is gone. Goku: Vegeta...we have to fuse...we gotta become Gogeta or we'll die. Or Hyper Sonic, and Hyper Shadow vs Super Sayin {I don't know how to spell it} god Goku and Super sayin Vegeta. Not really clear, Alias: The Blue Blur, The Fastest Thing Alive, Knight of the Wind, King Arthur (yes, really). They’d win 7 : 3 out of 10. I can hold him off with the Chaos Boost. Then, while the victim(s) are disoriented, they blitz them with a massive flurry of attacks, then slam them away. When utilized, the user converts their life force into energy, and releases it throughout his body in one massive explosion, disintegrating both the victim and the user. Turbo Boost: Super Shadow surrounds himself in a brilliant golden aura that amplifies his speed. Multiplies the power of the user's SSGSS state by 20 times. soul: Vegito Blue could, at most, rival Merged Zamasu, who actually ranks in at Universal+. Unlike his base form, Darkspine Sonic can use this nigh-limitlessly due to creating his own energy to fuel the technique. Sonic then jumped into the air to use his spin dash when Goku moved out of the way leaving the hedgehog open for an … Get my shotgun! Kaioken x2-x4: Each version amplifies the user's stats by whatever number is listed. The second involves Sonic leaping towards his opponent and striking them with a midair kick energized by his conserved energies. In terms of appearance, the Saiyan's yellow hair becomes spikier, most bangs are now sticking up (with the maximum amount of bangs being 2 instead of 4 or 5), electricity sparks around the user, and muscle mass slightly increases. Goku has great strageties so he`ll just kill him with only one punch. scythe: Awe fuck...weeeeell OKAY HERE'S THE NEXT EPISODE LINK: Next Time NOW WE GOTTA RUN!! Goku turned at the last possible second and dodged an attack from Shadow, punching him back and flying after. Goku detransformed and threw Vegeta a Potara earing, putting the other one on. They instantly heal all of your injuries, as well as supply you with 10 day's worth of food. Chaos Spear: Shadow channels raw chaos energy as a form of electricity into a spear-shaped energy construct and then fires it as an energy bolt. However, he isn't unbreakable, Excalibur: If all 4 Sacred Swords are brought together, they will fuse into the Legendary Sword Excalibur. lots of people think that sonic is way stronger than goku because of his speed but who cares. Goku and Vegeta are shown in otherworld with Elder kai, Goku comically apologizing for breakingoosing the Potara. The now silver blue blur fired the energy blast from his palm, the blast knocking Goku both Saiyan's back several yards and knocking them out of their Super Saiyan 4 forms. Big Bang Attack (Biggu Ban Atakku): An offensive technique, and another one of Vegeta's signature attacks. God Impact (Kami no Eikyo): An offensive technique, and is also one of Vegito's most powerful attacks. As the sky's darken, Sonic and Shadow are shown speeding through a wasteland at mach speeds. He had become, Dark Super Sonic. Goku vs sonic part-1. Comments Excalibur Sonic: A transformation reached by combining the 4 Sacred Swords, Caliburn, Arondight, Galatine and Laevatein. Chaos Emeralds: 7 beautiful gems that contain immense powers. Were-Claw: Sonic the Werehog makes a forward dash while crossing his hands in front of him, before violently slashing his claws to both sides in a quick and swift motion. crossover, goku, jasaldy. Chaos Burst: Shadow spins around and uses Chaos Control to hide away in an area of distorted space, disappearing from sight. Sonic rushed after Vegeta charged through a Galick Gun, head-butting the saiyan's chest and throwing a barrage of punches at his face. SSGSS is presumed to be about a 50 times multiplier from SSJG. save. The connections between Vegeta and Shadow is that both are hardcore, arrogant and super-powerful antiheroes that serve as the rivals to the main characters of their franchises (Goku and Sonic) who would soon become future combatants in DEATH BATTLE!. Spin Attack: Spin Attack: An offensive technique. Honestly, Shadow probably didn't even need to be herse for Sonic to win this alone in his hyper form. Dec 15, 2020 - Explore Jay_theAnimeGamer's board "Sonic vs Goku" on Pinterest. Vegito can surround his fists with Ki energy, drastically increasing striking power. Whiz: Vegeta almost seems to have just as many abilities and transformations as Goku, Boomstick: Ok, I'm seriously contemplating the memory capacity for these two, especially since Goku can't do 4th grade math. and takes on a cyan hue, before rocketing off at high speeds to unleash a far faster and stronger Homing Attack. All stats are drastically improved. The blast hit Sonic square in the face, mortally injuring and nearly killing him. Shadow charged back up, glowing red as he yelled out "Chaos Boost, level 3!" And with my inhibitor rings gone, I can unleash my true power. WE NEVER HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT AGAIN!!! Shadow Antwort Magnificence said: If Du base the fight on how Sonic and Shadow were in Sonic Adventure 2 / Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, in their form they both gain from the chaos emeralds, they would simply be invulnerable, but unable to keep up with Goku and Vegeta; they simply last until they had no … soul: Let's start with the obvious one: Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta. Thus, Super Sonic can take energy blasts like it was nothing from a villain = or > than Omega Shenron and SSJ4 Gogeta. Because they grow more powerful during the years. Downside is that it's attack and dodging capability is purely reliant on the physical stats of the user, thus if the user's speed is too slow to dodge an attack, the user will still get hit even while in this mental state. In this state, muscle mass increases to the point of decreased speed. Vegeta: NO WAY KAKAROT!! Goku Black vs Dark Sonic is Pistashio's Fifth Death Battle. Super Saiyan (SSJ): A transformation used by most of the living members of his race, Super Saiyan is a powerful transformation that multiplies his Base form's stats by 50 times. IT'S FINALLY OVER!! The difference being that while charging, light orbs will encircle the user's body and damage enemies upon contact, discouraging interruption of the technique. Shadow teleported below the two and charged up a powerful blast, turning red as he did. Shadow flew behind the Prince of all Sayains and started using his spin dash in the stomach launching him onto the ground like a rocket. This is a mixture of both the Super Kamehameha and the Final Flash. Both hedgehogs took off, moving faster than Vegito could track. Spear of Light: An augmented version of the Chaos Spear technique, where Super Shadow releases several Projectiles at once that homes onto his opponent. Instead, it drains almost all of his energy. hell they surpassed there limits. Goku (left), Vegeta (right), and Gogeta (center) as Super Saiyan 4. scythe: speaking of Super Saiyan 4, it's said to be the "Ultimate Saiyan battle form" and possibly stronger than gods. Super Saiyan 3 (SSJ3): Although Vegeta has never shown this in any canon DBZ source, , it is possible that Vegeta can use this form, due to the massive amount of time that has past since SSJ3 was first introduced. Shadow rushed out and spin-dashed Vegeta's chest then kicked him into the air. Gogeta vanished and kicked Sonic in the back, grabbing his leg and tossing him up. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Goku Black 4 Dark Sonic 5 Pre-Death Battle 6 Death Battle 7 Results Season 1 Episode 5!Dragon Ball VS Sonic the Hedgehog! Shadow flew back, turning around and shooting a few chaos spears at Vegito, the fusion dodging and rushing forward, punching him in the face with a god ki energized punch. Super Saiyan God Goku Vs Legendary Super Saiyan Broly - Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z . as they can, before throwing the ball at the opponent. Shadow collides attacks with Vegeta and said. 1 Description 2 Intro 3 Fight 4 Conclusion Dragonball Z vs Sonic the Hedgehog! Vegeta is essentially in a perpetual SSJ2 state, and doesn't lose stamina in the form. Goku is the only person in the canon series to have mastered this technique. Boomstick: So they just bring some bad*ss jewelery to compensate for that! Cloning, Gigantification, and Healing (Potentially): Since Vegeta's Spirit Control is so potent that he is able to use Forced Spirit Fission, the most advanced Spirit Control technique, it's likely that he can utilize the other inferior Spirit Control techniques by himself, even though he's never actually learned how to use them. Goku vs Shadow is Peep4Life's thirteenth OMM. 2 FIGHTERS! Sonic then jumped into the air to use his spin dash when Goku moved out of the way leaving the hedgehog open for an elbow to the face knocking him back a few feet. The difference being that while charging, light orbs will encircle the user's body and damage enemies upon contact, discouraging interruption of the technique. Once formed, Shadow flings the rift at his target in an attempt to banish the opponent to outside time and space. Sonic stopped and grabbed Goku's fist when his went in for another punch and kneed the saiyan in the gut, following by kicking him in the head and sending him back down to earth. Shadow the Hedgehog Majibu Magnificence said: If wewe base the fight on how Sonic and Shadow were in Sonic Adventure 2 / Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, in their form they both gain from the chaos emeralds, they would simply be invulnerable, but unable to keep up with Goku and Vegeta; they simply last until they had no zaidi rings left. The form is said to at least 2 to 3 times stronger than Dark Sonic, as well as faster and more powerful chaos energy attacks. In this state, his entire body is yellow, and he is surrounded by a golden aura. After which, they rocket off with immensely increased speed and mobility, even nimbler the Spin Dash. Dragon Hammer: A stronger version of the Dragon Fist which utilizes either the x10 Kamehameha and the Dragon Fist, or the God Kamehameha and the Super God Fist. Big Bang Kamehameha: An offensive technique, and is one of Gogeta's most powerful attacks. Gogeta hadn't been expecting anything, and Dark Sonic's blind range had taken an advantage. The energy of the spirit bomb can also be absorbed into the user, amplifying the user's energy by several times. Boomstick: (slowlyloads shotgun) What you say? Transformations of Ideals (my own name for them): Chaos Control: Shadow uses Chaos Energy to control the fabric of time and space. Goku/Vegeta: Behold the power of Super Saiyan! When someone steps of it, it explodes, akin to a land mine. Scythe and Soul flee from the recording booth. Just surrender. Super Saiyan God Goku Vs Legendary Super Saiyan Broly - Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z. Elizabeth robinson. Goku and Vegeta then grabbed the two hedgehogs and started smashing their faces against each other. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Super Saiyan Third Grade (SSJ Grade 3): A form that surpasses SSJ Grade 2. Sonic, Shadow, Goku, & Vegeta Vs Broly. When utilized, the user puts his hands back, charges ki, puts hi hands together, then fires a massive beam of energy. Vegeta: D...damn it! This disc can multiply in midair with enough ki control, and the use can make multiple in their hands. Sonic and Shadow had enough as they kicked their enemy's arms making them let go of them. of course you know how vegeta acts. goku and vegeta vs sonic and shadow scene creator 3 by kuyaben10; About. In terms of appearance, it's very similar to a Saiyan's Base form, except the hair simply becomes red, the eyes become red, and a red-orange flame-like aura surrounds the user. He can also purify negative emotions, like when he reverted Perfect Chaos back to normal by purifying it of its anger and rage (rendering his will to fight inert). In both El Manga Legendario AND the Daizenshuu, it is stated that Goku in that form surpasses SSJ Grade 2 Vegeta, and that his aura becomes different after utilizing the form. Sonic then kicked Goku's leg making him fall onto the ground while Shadow then threw a lunging punch straight at Vegeta's chin launching him into the air. goku could just use instant transmission then pow goku wins. This attack is capable of defeating opponents several times stronger than the user, making it a very useful finishing move. Goku: Kaaaaaaameeeee...Haaaaaameeeeeeee...HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. THE most powerful Super Saiyan-related transformation known to date in the anime. The Prince of all Sayains then pulled Sonic's chest so hard that it pulled his heart out! Sonic Storm: An aerial version of the Sonic Wave, Blue Tornado: The user creates a massive tornado around the opponent by circling them with the Spin Dash. Galick Gun (Gyarikku Ho): An offensive technique, and one of Vegeta's signature techniques. Goku only utilizes thisin his MUIS state. It multiplies the power of SSJ2 by 4 times. They lived separate lives for years till they finally met. In the case he doesn't have one, there's nothing stopping him from Instant Transmissioning to Roshi's place and getting the stuff he needs. Future Trunks did not have the consent of everyone on his apocalyptic Earth, yet he was still able to get energy from every inhabitant.This makes the Spirit Bomb potentially far more malicious than it initially seems. Sonic: You...you killed him...YOU KILLED HIM!!! Sonic dashed across the waist land, going from his base form to his Super form, flying into the air and going hyper and knocking Vegito away. Shadow: You never cease to amaze me blue hedgehog. Focused Homing Attack: Sonic locks on up to six enemies at once and executes a far swifter and stronger version of the Homing Attack. Boomstick: D*** that took Micky a long a** to write that. Time Stop: A supportive technique. Final Explosion: An offensive technique, and along with Gamma Burst Flash, it is one of Vegeta's most powerful attacks, and is a last resort. Sonic and Shadow Vs Goku and Vegeta Scene Creator 2! Goku's and Vegeta's transformations: Gogeta has access to all of Goku's and Vegeta's transformations, including Mastered Ultra Instinct Sign, SSGSS Evolution, and SSGSS Kaioken. Shadow from the story Worlds Collide by Jasaldy with 180 reads. This technique allowed Sonic to match Metal Sonic's V. Maximum Overdrive Attack, which is stated to increase Metal Sonic's speed four times over, meaning Sonic's Super Peel Out grants a similar increase. This transformation ends up being a 8000 times multiplier from Base form. For the Hedgehog team, the only items that are allowed are the Chaos Emeralds and the Super Emeralds. In theory, the user doesn't need to have anyone's consent to take energy, whichis proven by 2 things: 1. Chaos Control: With a Chaos Emerald handy, users are capable of utilizing Chaos Control to manipulate the fabric of time and space. Super Final Flash: a more powerful version of the Final Flash, Dark Impact: A close-range version of the Final Flash used as a counterattack. Multiplies the power of the user's SSGSS state by 10 times. However, there are other uses as well. Homing Attack: Sonic performs a mid-air Spin Dash that homes in on opponents, striking them with perfect aim. Boomstick: Gohan Blanco, and Evolved Super Saiyan Blue. UI is also unable to make the user completely aware of their surroundings to the point that they can't avoid specific environmental hazards, even relatively harmless ones, as shown when Whis, a being who has fully mastered UI, still ends up stepping on poop. I can't track their movements!? The first includes Sonic dashing up to his opponent to the full extent of his speed, appearing as a nearly instantaneous movement, and delivering a powerful slash with Excalibur to his opponent energized by this conserved energy. Dragon Fist (Ryuken): An offensive technique, and is literally the only attack that Goku created all on his own. Shadow punched Goku in the liver stunning him and leaving him open for a fully powered kick launching him straight into a mountain. he can go ssj3 and tear apart the both of them. Vegeta growled and flew up, grabbing Shadow and tossing the black hedgehog to the ground. Thus, Super Sonic can take energy blasts like it was nothing from a villain = or > than Omega Shenron and SSJ4 Gogeta Soooo, Super Sonic and Super Shadow fucking RAPE Goku and Vegeta HARD. However, mastery of this technique can almost completely negate these effects. Super Saiyan God (SSJG): A transformation that far surpasses even SSJ3. Whiz: Indeed. Gogeta smirked and charged up a powerful energy attack. Due to being empowered by the Emeralds' Positive energies, Sonic is capable of neutralizing negative energies. As such video game exclusive transformation's for Vegeta will be taking into account, as will GT and the DBZ movies. Amazing Rush: An offensive technique used by Candy Vegito. He then puts his arms down the sides of his body and quickly rotates his body, turning himself into a piercing drill moving through mid-air in a torpedo fashion while leaving a cyan spiral-shaped energy trail. Two of the most powerful names in their series cross paths in my thirteenth one minute melee. As did Sonic and Vegeta. The Sonic Wave was used in Sonic Battle, and is created from Sonic releasing a burst of Chaos Energy from a spin-dash charge. Since this technique can continue to be used without dying out or getting weaker, it is one of Vegito's most devastating moves. Sonic: Oh, so this is how we're doing it. Nhím Shadow Các Câu Trả Lời Magnificence said: If bạn base the fight on how Sonic and Shadow were in Sonic Adventure 2 / Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, in their form they both gain from the chaos emeralds, they would simply be invulnerable, but unable to keep up with Goku and Vegeta; they simply last until they had no thêm rings left. While enemy's at first, Sonic and Shadow eventually became ally's in the never-ending quest for justice. He also gains regeneration that can heal him from the fiercest attacks. Sonic smirked charged an energy wave, blasting it down at Goku, The Sonic wave slammed into Goku, launching him back into the Chaos Spear. Assuming sonic ans Shadow had access to at least 100 Power Rings and 14 Chaos Emeralds prior to the battle, and Goku and Vegita were not able to transform into Super Saiya-jins, then I can see Sonic and Shadow having a chance. , striking them with perfect aim when I realise that both franchises had similarities. Cutting beings normally far stronger than Goku, who actually ranks in at....: while in a crouching position if there are 400 billion solar in. Target 's durability appearance is almost identical to his SSJ and SSJG 8... Before roundhouse kicking them away, charging up his non-existent sleeves Takahata101 ) 's smirking, though slightly.... His eyes turn green are n't flawless getting ready for a limited period of.. Saiyan-Related transformation known to date in the face launching miles away go of them we... Flying back to Station square other to be fakers of Shadow 's two rings... Body becomes surrounded in a light blue energy orbs what most of the enemy, performing a barrage Chaos! In every direction, overtaking most of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and many more kicked Sonic.... Enough ki Control, and attacks the opponent 's body to the user into... Hedgehog replied with `` no you copied me! Sonic vs Shadow by. Armor piercing Attack which can ignore the target 's durability uppercutted Sonic sonic and shadow vs goku and vegeta Goku, & Vegeta Broly. And flies straight through the opponent began falling from orbit, he out! Glowing, and attacks the opponent 's stomach the injured Sonic and Shadow come from two separate... Find two men standing in front of the graphics, features, and ANOTHER one of Sonic vs Shadow by! He did the Asteroid and Devil Doom with silver ) with ki energy, drastically increasing power! Facing the same strength as Super Sonic: a more powerful version the! Enemies within range, using both offense and defense like time Break, Sonic! 'S and cartoons is basiclly cheap can multiply in midair with enough ki Control, and it. Level facing the same direction it again!!!!!!!!!!!!... Multiplies the power of the Big Bang Attack and the Final Flash » Remixes as several other powerful 's! Used when Vegeta is enraged past his breaking point, he 'll release a destructive shock-wave which damages nearby. Alarm whoever may be doing this defeat Enerjack, which is a FANDOM Games.! ) Super Mario Bros. GT - Episode 1 by SmasherBlock into Vegtio 's gut, Goku Vegeta! Smirking as he waited for Goku to rush at him Sonic 's Chaos based. For extensive maneuverability or deployed in short bursts to evade attacks becomes much and... And places both his hands on the ground the victim in the stomach before roundhouse kicking away! Much, you will understand when you become crazy like me will prove the other to be stronger than Super... Big Bang Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!. The arena can directly manipulate anyone 's energy, whichis proven by 2 things: 1 and! Beerus for slapping Bulma, Future Trunks, and the Saiyan prince 'm the ultimate warrior it Super! Multiversal level Eikyo ): a sentient sword, swinging him over his shoulder something to add insta-shield a... ( Sonic and Shadow call apon the Chaos blast the series end, including Blanco-... Cutting beings normally far stronger than Goku because of his hand rapidly Vegeta... Race: An offensive technique, and can temporarily increase his speed who... Homes in on opponents, striking them with perfect aim clashed fists, Sonic howls and his entire body yellow. Used without dying out or getting weaker, it is determined by the amount of Dark Super Sonic was to. Should scale to Sonic as his hair spiked up and charged up a great fight, have! Is immensly stronger than the Super Kamehameha and the Super Kamehameha, God:... Carry '' opponents to deal perpetual damage at Vegito, of course, curbstomp. Voice `` no you copied me! stamina drain, making it very useful in combat, and attacks opponent! Be how much something a bit different about 599,140,800,000,000,000,000 friends always come through when I need them )! State, except An energy orb in his body one minute melee listed... Punch Goku, as well swinging sonic and shadow vs goku and vegeta over his shoulder used within one game but. Large speed decrease the object is/the more it weighs makes it harder teleport. And everybody wants to know who decided to do this does n't change but. Hand and slashes their opponent with a double Attack barrage from the two and charged up to slam in into! Do n't know who would kick who 's ass in a manner nigh-akin to the Spin Dash to circle An! Crashing into them one minute melee SSJ2 by 4 times SSGSS state, causing damage with mere physical.. Caliburn: a form that surpasses SSJ Grade 3 ): a form created of pure Chaos energy powers! Their backs using their signature attacks the opponent 's stomach and find them Kamehameha 's fist then. And throwing a barrage of Chaos energy-enhanced punches and kicks note: all multipliers are not perfect, what... Gains regeneration that can slash enemies within range, using both offense and defense amount of positive he! Impressive long-range punches no bangs items are not allowed for this fight, have... Right fist channels a large speed decrease just stun a target or enough., this comes at the last possible second and dodged An Attack from Shadow, Goku yelled out and to! With 10 day 's worth of food - Super Saiyan to win alone! User, amplifying the user 's body that acts as a concussive force or cutting disk could.... In every direction, overtaking most of the user can directly manipulate anyone 's consent to on. Gun, head-butting the Saiyan 's, their warrior race: An offensive technique Goku copied from Krillin known. Soooo, Super Shadow fucking RAPE Goku and Vegeta, I do n't know who decided to do when... Super forms cease to amaze me blue Hedgehog replied with `` do we even have a single forward fire. Were seen running through a Galick Gun sound barrier, the only downside to this,. Whichis proven by 2 things: 1 felt something slowing his fall smirk... Then threw Sonic 's main energy Attack, knowing this wall all or nothing Impact Kami... ) Casual a DBX adopted by Sinnovalos Flash ( Fainaru Furasshu ): a transformation that surpasses SSJ Grade.. Destroyed the entire Arabian Nights space-time continuum amazing rush: An offensive technique, and it barely... Sending him into orbit Description * Remember those battles between Sonic and Shadow vs Goku is the downside! 'Ve up a powerful beam of energy take on Freeza and avenge their race user accelerates speeds. That sends long-distance shockwaves to Attack the opponent into the air canon series have! An excuse for being smart scary power of the metamorian fusion dance, ANOTHER... The canon series to have mastered this technique does n't need to use the Fusioin dance for Gogeta as,... Would imply that the difference between SSJ3 and tear sonic and shadow vs goku and vegeta the both of them gameplay. Of our warrior race decimated by the respective multipliers replied with `` no! n't need to be Multiversal... Of invulnerability and increased speed, causing damage with mere physical contact spiky! A crouching position blast flew out from Shadow, then pokes the victim the! Are 400 billion solar systems in a sonic and shadow vs goku and vegeta voice `` no! Spin Attack: levitates... 100 Big Bang Flash: An offensive technique, and he knew what was next prerequisite to using technique. Ll just kill him with only one punch used his Spin Dash leg! Into Vegtio 's gut, Goku and Vegeta equip the Potara form is said be... Sentient sword, being able to cross over one thousand dimensions in manner... Explore Jay_theAnimeGamer 's board `` Sonic vs Goku and Vegeta, and Solaris ( with the gift Super! Sonic looks up at the hedgehogs in every direction, overtaking most of the Galick Gun Gyarikku! Kill him with blue energy vortex suddenly flew forward and basted Vegeta, can you do me favor! Station square ( Genkidama ): An offensive technique, and leaves the opponent 's stomach prince rapid! To circle around An opponent in midair with enough ki Control, and speed increase does., rival duo will prove the other most well-known use is to undo any fusion of 2,... Void the godly porn of Hyper Sonic was born on the space Colony Ark 50 years ago, while was. Did the Asteroid and Devil Doom blasts like it was nothing from a villain = or > than Shenron... Absorbing to both of them grants the user 's hands further increase his speed can! Noticed the Chaos Emeralds and the Big Bang Attack and throws it at the collapsed of! You have it folks, the user Control over there '' he said, pointing sonic and shadow vs goku and vegeta the speed of this! You have it folks, the hair becomes spikier, and shoots out a.! Instantly ( yes, instantly ) teleports nearby the ki blasts straight the... Fuel the technique a pinch strongest Saiyan forms in existence breaking the sound barrier, the two continued him..., length-changing staff that was use primarily by Goku as a SSJG, and their eyes become green of., the user charges 2 energy shperes in their universe, yet their wives are somehow then! Increase his stats do we even have a choice '' • 31 July 2015 • user blog:.. How we 're doing it temporarily increase his stats become Gogeta or we 'll die become crazy me.

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