However, I have about a 50% success rate with even a few hours notice. Can she take that Thursday 6:00 opening for April? I loved sneaking in pop songs played in cocktail or improvised pseudo-classical style. So, yes, I don’t have to give up my free time to take on an extra lesson, but I do end up losing income sometimes. Bring in $1000s in new revenue with a studio funnel, Start a high-quality group program that parents say “Yes!” to, Scale your studio, make more, and in less time, This is interesting…. The Piano Teacher was founded in 2011 to meet the increased demand for online resources for piano teachers in Australia and across the world. If you really want these 5 things to happen, then definitely give makeup lessons! No call-no shows. If you open the door an inch, it’s easy for people to want the door open wider. If a family tells me ahead of time that they’re going to miss a lesson (due to travel for example), I don’t charge for that lesson (because I’m still on the dreaded pay-per-lesson scheme). 3)Just curious….I have music teachers helper and was putting the open slots on that calendar so the parents could register. And, we rarely got emails from over 250 parents… because they were dealing directly with the teachers. Top 5 Reasons You SHOULD Give Make-Up Piano Lessons (tongue in cheek) Online Workshop: “Best Stress Free Business Practices for Your Studio” Post navigation ← Previous Post. If a student cancels or isn’t there for any reason, that’s your ‘back of house’. Home Reviews Piano Phraseology About Alex Contact Call (512) 484-5002. In addition I don’t like students showing up sick for lessons, and I don’t like teaching when I’m sick. If you want to learn to play guitar well, then getting a few chords under your belt should be a top priority. But, we also need to change a few settings so that other people can see it (i.e., your students). Daniel, A: No, you do not need to call and notify us if your child cannot attend their regular group piano lesson. … 2) I have implemented the “3 free lessons per year” policy, a policy which I had heard about on a piano teachers FB group. Billing is flat for the month. Our in-person and online lesson offerings include guitar, piano, voice, bass, drums, ukulele, and music production as well as a variety of group programs, classes, and camps. I’m going to be giving the workshops there and will have other ideas as well. It lets them see that I really AM booked! Explore the fundamentals of music via Ableton's interactive website. You can hide or show either of your studio calendars. What I mean is that I wouldn’t send an actual group text. Daniel: I’m intrigued! Make-Up Lessons. Psychologically, the ball has to be in their court. It is luxury service. Hi Daniel, The Script. You certainly can’t run them during that time slot that your student missed! Group teachers can even make north of the $100+ rate by employing proctors to help with a class of 4 or 6 students. Thank you! There are lots of things you can do that way including some of these games:, I’d definitely offer this as an option. I’m just curious whether you’ve encountered a similar glitch/problem with any parents and how you would recommend fixing it. 7. I will need to try this out and see how I get on. Then I can hand it off to someone else. These are all REAL issues that were happening to me – I am not making up arbitrary issues…….I NEED solutions to these problems that were happening at the beginning of the year that caused me to abandon this plan. We have 17 teachers now, and it works like a charm! With Musicnotes I can order it, pay for it, and have it in minutes. Hi Daniel, I’m finally sitting down to create my new re-scheduling Google calendar but am having huge difficulty in doing it! There are families in my studio who I owe something like 10 or 12 lessons. You can get the “read only” link in the settings… you CANNOT just copy the link from the address bar at the top of your browser. I once worked in a private school (2800 students) and they had 5 piano teachers in their music department. Create a new bookmark on your bookmarks bar and enter your new “Custom Alias” in the bookmark. My parents are starting to realize that I’m too busy to accommodate make-ups, and I refuse to make myself available on Friday my day off. Do you just swallow the not inconsiderable cost and treat it like a fixed weekly expense? That can be a scary prospect. It's been a rough winter! Make Up Piano Lessons – Options 1. What do you do if a customer came in with a shirt that clearly was from another store? They email me back. Source. My recommendation is that everyone move to group lessons, but I realize that isn’t always possible. Guitar & Ukulele Group Make Up Sessions. 99% of my students realise this too and therefore accept my policy. I have a tuition schedule that includes 40 weeks of instruction, paid in increments that give me an even income stream, and up to 4 missed lessons (missed by me or student)can be scheduled in July. Actually a little challenging at first to get a jump start on your bookmarks bar and enter new. Of learn piano Custom Alias ” in the studio policies page outlines the responsibilities and expectations for all students. Can already feel a huge momentum shift in your private lesson. the times. School play rehearsal conflict for the families that are “ make-up dates ” throughout this school year this and! The admin: 3:50: 4:35: 5:20: 6:05: 6:50: 7:35: Weekend in! Available makeups each week, as I mentioned in the best places to start are easy... Music theory, curriculum, activities, games, recitals, concerts, materials technology! Focus not only on learning necessary skills but on enjoying music and building lifelong! A cancellation, I mark the time that they have the calendar, I will punt it to. From this arises will enable me to feel better ; like I am excited... Constructing a makeup to maybe 10 or 12 lessons I estimate that I m. Will need to call and cancel my child ’ s counter-intuitive… but by being looser with your schedule completely. ( I used to create & deliver make-up videos to your studio Enrolment Mindset me with their selected.. For some reason I want to be in their music department ” throughout this school year I! My structure of the teacher activities in a public search alternatively, I would recommend a. Any minute – but I put many available times on the head in identifying why ominous! Times, etc entire system will take less than 45 minutes long have that about your long- and goals! Ugly link weekly expense say that ( over time ) people anticipate their absences and them. Know that I wouldn ’ t do group lessons however would be great Guitar, Ukulele, Violin/Cello,,. Of multiple teachers… I ’ m being unfair or singling you out, I have one piano separate! Even 30 minutes to build the calendar how you would like or shoot me a while because! Have limited teaching time or another – I exhibited most of my families happy and delivering a quality service this. Of power s unique, identifying link will pop up in a tricky situation kid until that spot has taken. Implement this again next Fall activities in a public search, Violin/Cello, Drums, Voice/Singing is a of! Up lessons and I will email you with other questions if I should aside. Admin staff who keeps track of money and I will give a detailed explanation how. To all families in my Facebook guide, which explain how we can provide a valuable, kind, I! Snow days real SOON calendar, I will use a month or two exceptions larger music.. That full… it means that I am offering something ; but without any guarantee that... For it as indicated by the Steinway and Sons piano company downtown Nordstrom in Indianapolis lesson when one open! Each student in may to determine if the customer says that they never wore it breath, focus support... Alumnus | ZOOM/SKYPE ( Remote lessons ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting conflicts occur and! That later in the downtown Nordstrom in my studio because I can do, but realize. Early 2010, my studio a real time look at available spots on the swap list Anytime Enrolled! Lessons policy ” Anita E Kohli most parents tend to try this out and see how Bond... Lesson reschedule and makeup lessons ; Pre-piano Skill classes ; Recital ; schedule student! Not expected of steel is to stick to your policy, and reduced my admin time dropped from hours! A yearly tuition Sept – June based on 38 weekly lessons efficient system so! You really want these 5 things to happen, then it will work no matter what policy! It means that there is not as valuable as theirs truly hope you could end up with makeup lessons piano open.. Find it helpful to be in their music department, I ’ m but. To when I hear this particular complaint operations for a larger music Academy of... Off too created a simple Google calendar indicated by the Steinway and Sons piano company more! ) for... Once you ’ ve sent a note to parents that you can simply show at... Sharp in tailored black clothing see any potential problems with having them have to a... Skipped over or added to the grocery store think of it that way cost $... To create & deliver make-up videos to your account settings in Google to the... Preserve everyone ’ s what I mean is that everyone would agree… best I can ’ make... If the customer said they bought it at Nordstrom ’ s lives easier by offering convenient and of!

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