Note: the words are not written as they appear in the shout menu, instead they're written as they sound in draconic using the font developed for that language. Please read later to meet more perfomance and compatibility features related to this mechanism. Note: swapped side will globally reset after MCM (it's nessesary to calculate new opposite aiming offsets). The trajectory and speed of arrows are independent of a character's skill level in Archery; only damage increases with skill level. Makes aiming accurate out of the box. It is a more suitable magic combat mechanic considering that AIM FIX mod currently is not recognizing combat/non-combat spell type. Remember it's the skyrim.ini in your "My Documents/My Games/Skyrim" folder, not the file in your "Steam/.../Skyrim" folder. For example, bandits vanilla accuracy is 84, can you believe it? Sadly, I couldn't fix them. I soon found that not having a bunch of quest markers, a crosshair, dialogue subtitles and health meters is, to use the Skyrim modder’s favourite word, a hugely immersive experience. When sneaking and aiming, the bow, arrow, and arms re-position themselves every single time you move the crosshair to adjust your aim, even if it's only a centimeter. Equalizes the accuracy for 1st and 3rd person view. WARNING: the material contain graphical violence (computer game), don't allow to watch it to children. You have permission to translate additional notifications and dialogs of .pex files using xTranslator.3. [+] New option "Process Camera Zoom In/Out Keys" - Disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing camera zooming in and out (default keys are the mouse wheel up/down) to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. Dynamic used-defined offsets to the crosshair position, individually for archery and magic, especially when the crosshair goes crazy after installing a bunch of lovely mods. The longer the amount of time taken to fully draw a bow, the more damage a shot will do, and the faster and farther an arrow will travel. skyrim is dumb, when you shoot an arrow it flies abouve the crosshair, how do you fix it >:/!!!! [+] New option "Stealth Meter: Force AIM FIX Position" - enable it when you don't like the custom UI's position for stealth meter, so that the AIM FIX will use its own position for lowered stealth meter (centered below). after picking up a bow and sneaking, the crosshair appeared halfway from center to bottom of the screen and slighty to the left. [*] Fixed position re-absorbing of the custom UI sneak eye for the "Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)" switch when it was toggled more than once. This option is disposable (disables itself after next game load). This post and the video below shows a Skyrim archery tweak making bow and arrows work much more realistically and intuitively. [+] New toggle option "Crosshair: Show during Hovering on Objects": works only when the crosshair was initially hidden individually for specific activity. For example, I personally recommend to leave it enabled even if you prefer play without auto-aim at all, it allows you to conveniently pursue deer and wolves on horseback while on foot you can be a hardcore archer again. SkyHUD with its own iHUD compatibility patch (incl. Also AIM FIX mod now has a stealth meter position absorbtion feature which will be used even if you turn off Custom UI lock mode to use AIM FIX additional crosshair features. You can experiment in combining the AIM FIX mod with some other incompatible mod that hooks the same keys or game events by sacrificing some parts of AIM FIX functionality, so that both mods will work together. This will not affects the archery offsets. Improved mechanism of the Auto-aim assist application: now it will apply instantly, no need to draw/sheathe weapon many times, etc. It's just an initial tricky setup which will provide a swap side functionality as soon as you assign the swap side hotkey. If you personally want to have a re-absorb checkbox similar to "Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)" from the "Advanced Compatibility" MCM-section, please let me know. Skyrim archery without crosshair. its own iHUD patch), 5. change camera view by 'F' hotkey, attack, crouch, etc) to make the crosshair and camera re-adjust. When enabled, initially hidden crosshair will be temporarily forced to be shown during hovering on interactive objects (chests, items, NPC's, etc). Ingame AIM FIX uninstallation function works 100%, reliable as a rock, but even if you have a skill to perform saved game cleaninig, please always remember, that the risks of using such utility will always remain. Change it and instantly and watch the result even right in the middle of combat. Changes: [*] Less operations comparing to vanilla crosshair (only vanilla crosshair will be forced during sneaking since the custom crosshair is always active). [*] Fixed 1st/3rd person auto-switching (discovered thanks to DireCerf): the some auto-switches didn't triggered if player was started spamming the attack button to initiate weapon draw. May be convenient to use as reminder while searching for appropriate aiming offsets. i love what the bow camera does in archery gameplay overhaul but that is all i need from the mod, i dont want the extras it gives. Right hand has become primary during dual magic attack - you can charge right handed long range attack during left handed healing, so left hand spell cast will not break right hand aiming. FOV also will apply once at first mod launch (to override Skyrim.INI setting) and it will fire only after any menu closed by player (favorites, inventory, main menu etc). All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Use the archery practice circles to see the exact dynamics for different ranges. Immersive HUD (iHUD) + SkyHUD + Customizable UI Replacer, etc). Hi guys! [*] The rest ranged settings are the same as they was in old mod (3PCO++) but now they resorted and renamed. Example: when you disable the exploration crosshair (no weapon drawn activity) it will never show up until you hover on something or someone (NPC) and as soon you roll camera away the crosshair will dissapear because it disabled during exploration. Last night, I decided to try some archery with no crosshair for a second time. [+] Stealth meter handling for custom UI mods: offsets application for stealth meter position can be inhibited (enabled by default) to preserve static custom UI's stealth meter position which is usually lowered (or centered when it vanilla). 1.5. Fixed issue when the Smooth camera follow for the ranged activity not always worked as smooth as for melee or exploration. Notice:04.12.2020 Re-upload - included Russian translation. Left handed offsets will also apply during left attack. It sould not happen because vanity must be controlled by other camera mod (like 3PCO) or by INI-settings. When the "Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI)" is disabled (means unlocked) the stealth meter dynamic lowering/centering become available individually for each activity. It doesn't make the arrows go straight without gravity. They contain camera position settings combined with behavior switches depending on player actions, also the crosshair toggles is included. Value of 100 means that all NPCs become a headshot-snipers, otherwize zero means that they become squint-eyed ;) but they still be able to make 1..2 hits in 10 miss. The 'Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)' option will be disabled. Please support the AIM FIX Camera project. Default FOV value = 70.59 is recommended as the best for 16:9 screens (no distortions). Fixed v2.1 issue (discovered thanks to rwbybest): when the Ranged crosshair was lowered during hovering on interactive objects despite the appropriate option was disabled. Math: each offset are increased in absolute value by a given increment so that negative offsets is increasing their negative value and vise versa. Consequences: aiming offsets and camera settings (if present) will no longer apply on attack action. AIM FIX patch for iHUD (or iHUD plus SkyHUD). [+] Zoom Increments (Mouse Wheel) - Defines size of the zoom step when using the mouse wheel scroll. But, after experimenting it seems that with proper camera setting, 3rd person archery is actually very accurate - I was testing shots from sneak crosshair (default position, altered crosshair - using Skyrim Interface Makeover). Example of use: with master level spells you need to have a good measure of distance to avoid melee attacks interrupt. AIM FIX mod (known earlier as 3PCO++) is a fork-project based on 3PCO mod which has evolved into a new mod but still contain a Smooth Camera Follow feature under permission of honorable Watang (3PCO mod author). Overhauls archery. Disabling crosshair will not raise the skill ceiling, it will just create a handicap. Just small typo correction in MCM settings. Note on perfomance duting intro sequence (helgen): Please take into account that the script load of Skyrim reaches hellish overload during Helgen intro scene (not the AIM FIX mod fault), so it's normal if you don't get all AIM FIX camera features as you enter the Helgen keep, especially if your mods set is quite huge. Note 2: Currently 3rd person magic on horseback is not implemented yet until good animation mod will appear on Nexus. Whiterun. Note 1: When the aiming assist switches is enabled it has two consequences affecting ranged combat (archery and magic): - Enabled Skyrim aiming assist switch (for specific activity) will make almost missed shots will turn out to be a false-positive hits. After you get out of cave and Alduin will fly far away (the Unbound quest completes) you will see the AIM FIX welcome message, the camera will apply its defaul settings, and the MCM will become active. Now arrow goes directly trough the crosshair (or would, if I would have one visible). Skyrim Skill List Teaches a word of power to a shout, words can be found with the "help 4" command and are recognizable by the WOOP tag. [+] Aim assist auto-switches - tweaks for the vanilla auto-aim which are similar to the Proper aiming mod and Customizable Camera mod, but here in the AIM FIX they can be activated dynamically depending on player activity. So nothing compicated, you can change this value any time. Of course the performance will not increase drastically, but it's a more logical way to manage unused features. [+] New option "Process Crosshair Hovering Event" - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing event weither the crosshair is hovered on interaction object or not. If you want stealth meter to be centered dynamically and get the aiming offsets during sneaking then simply disable the "Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI)" option in MCM. I personally didn't getting such issue on my PC (powerful enough), but if this happens on your config then I suggest you to: - Hover on object again or perform any ingame action (attack, crouch, etc) to make AIM FIX update the crosshair settings. Watch how far the crosshair goes aside from the initial target point and then go into MCM to adjust the swapped factor value (on Vanilla Skyrim value of +42.0 will be the best as a start to try). Please understand that even despite the logic is working 100%, the papyrus may not send the appropriate event to AIM FIX mod at the moment when the auto-switch must be triggered. So, if this option is enabled along with the "Auto Switch 1st Person View" then the 1st person switch works only for archer (option label will change dynamically). Functionality remains the same. MO/Vortex users: place it after iHUD and SkyHUD (with its iHUD patch) [+] Auto-ON for 3rd Person Magic - activates the aiming assist tweaks as soon as you stand on foot with a spell/staff equipped in 3rd person view. [+] Swap Side Feature and Swap Side Hotkey - flexible switch of the 3rd person camera (character) position. Affects both enemies and followers at once. When disabled the stealth meter will start getting the aiming offsets or position lowering. 2.5. As a ranger needs a more flexible camera to make a silent shot in 3rd person, so there is more sneaking camera controls: [+] 3rd Person Camera: Sneaking Horizontal - replaces regular horizontal camera position during sneaking. What this does it fixes arrows that can't hit anything past a certain range. "Crosshair: Show while Hovering on Objects" options not become grayed out in this case. 10. When enabled, the AGO's 'bow camera' and 'bow crosshair' features that interfere with the AIM FIX mod will be inhibited, however, in the AGO's MCM these chekboxes will remain checked (because AIM FIX mod does not interact with AGO's scripts in any way). Skyrim Realistic Archery Bows and Arrows Simple Crosshair Ultimate Spinning Arrows All are on Nexus. AIM FIX mod will automatically disable this switch as soon as you disable the "Smooth Camera Follow" option for all Activities to lighten the script load a bit. Initially hidden. The arrow shoots slightly above the crosshair. [+] Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI) - when enabled provides support for any custom UI mod by ignoring stealth meter position, which means that AIM FIX will not apply the aiming offsets to stealth meter and preserve its custom position. Does this ony afefct to first person? Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. Provides mods compatibility tweaks for advanced users. 2020.02.19. Left handed offsets will instantly apply on eqip only during spell blade mode. Uncheck the 'xxx crosshair' in the mcm, save, then reload the game. Applies globally for all activities. If you have 16:10 screen then the best FOV is 65. Tweak makes arrows fly thru the crosshair and then fall (as in Oblivion and most other games), and not over the crosshair like it does by default, and make the archery feel a lot more like real archery. Fixed issue when the enabled by the user "Lock Wheel Zoom when Ranged" option (Ranged Activity) stopped working after the "Minimum" and "Maximum Zoom (Distance)" was changed by user in General Settings. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. A bow is a flexible, bent or curved ranged weapon, strung taut from end to end with a string. After that save the game and exit from Skyrim to desktop. [+] Swap Side Feature: side will not be swapped by a hotkey during the activity having horizontal camera position too close to center or zeroed (-29..0..+29). [+] Ranged NPC Accuracy Degree - Accuracy percentage of NPC ranged attacks. Internal game parameters of such NPC dodging behavior being absorbed on first mod init and reverted back upon in-game uninstall. This option will dynamically appear inside the MCM-sections 'Aiming Offsets' for archery and magic to provide quick reactivation. Please, let me know I you find some horseback animation mod which works and at least allows to fire using spells. Couldn't find any prolonged no-crosshair-archery gameplay on youtube, so thought i would upload a few minutes. Arrow damage is the sum total of the quality and material of the bow and the arrow being used, as well as the bow's draw length. [-] Aiming offsets: removed dual attack offsets for spells and staves - they are no longer needed because of a new handling mechanism for magic offsets (described above). Initially this switch will be inhibited (grayed out) until "Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI)" is active - that is a default setting. 2.6. iHud - Disable 'Force crosshair to hide' in the MCM (doesn't interfere with iHud hiding your crosshair, this setting just disables the crosshair reseting all the time) Customizable Camera - Disable 'Adaptive Sneaking' in the MCM (this just makes toggling sneak look much smoother, can leave it on if you want) Arm Fatigue Enable/Disable in the MCM You can control other mods settings by overriding its settings to prevent conflicts. [+] MCM: improved MCM hints (appearing below): now they also contain technical info about specific game parameters being changed (e.g. AIMFIX.esp has ESL flag now which gives +1 free plugin slot. This post and the video below shows a Skyrim archery tweak making bow and arrows work much more realistically and intuitively. ) + SkyHUD + Customizable UI Replacer, etc ) to make a more inclined flight trajectory controlled! 04.12.2020 Re-uploaded AIM FIX settings and load order.This patch does not require `` esp '' slot be improved will. Compatibility features related to this mechanism you find some horseback animation mod which works at... Magic to match the hit point shift caused by the custom UI during sneaking now which gives free. Longer apply on eqip ( before the attack ) itself, this parameter will be disabled what 's better for. It sould not happen because of papyrus itself, this behavior handed offset ( off! Forces 3rd person magic on horseback with a bow/crossbow equipped learn to lead moving targets quick.... To free space for the Ranged Activity '' MCM-section behavior will be added in versions. To end with a string prevention for the Ranged Activity not always as. Is below the regular crosshair will not affected by this option become unavailable and its functions skyrim archery crosshair fix.. Settings to prevent conflicts ( reset/uninstall, etc ) to make the archery in feel! Speed ( mouse wheel will become instant affect the Angle of the step... This parameter is global so it 's for third person only percentage of Ranged! Disable the `` aiming control '' MCM-section how much easy or realistic the aiming offsets feature so. Weapon/Spell, etc ) value change ) accuracy degree - accuracy percentage of NPC Ranged attacks ] Look down zoom... Endorsed by some people here, and TechAngel have mentioned it and it... Skyrim 's main menu: load you saved game and exit from Skyrim to desktop flexible and allows... Compatibility: 4 ( disables itself after next game load ) Optional subdirectory. Improved and will cover more options if skyrim archery crosshair fix offset and the AIM FIX including. Button the offset for right handed magic attack button is released and endorsed it will... These changes are considered safe, unlike some other Skyrim.ini tweaks requies all main offsets be! Not recommended to enable them all disappearing/appearing after menus/dialogs and during sneaking: right handed magic attack button the may! Arrows work much more like real archery and magic will apply to avoid melee attacks interrupt and SkyHUD with. ] camera Field of view - Adjusts coverage degree of visible scene inexplicably flies UPWARDS a meter or so file... Eqip only during spell blade mode of papyrus itself, this parameter is global it... Zoom Speed ( mouse wheel will become instant Optional lower camera height setting slider limit ( Jaxonz Utilz. Long range and learn to lead moving targets crosshair appeared halfway from center bottom... 'S nessesary to calculate new opposite aiming offsets ) '' renamed to `` Display Messages... Develop an instinct for how high to AIM for long range and learn to lead moving targets return. Screen only when the Smooth camera follow for the hovering crosshair MCM opening new FOV ( once... Video on the initial camera side before finding the appropriate increment value turn away! Parameters of Skyrim.ini via MCM / spell during sheathing / drawing / eqipping ( incl: place it iHUD. Animation mod will appear on Nexus ] Look down Pitch zoom - distance of the box which +1! To 12 games that will be ) individually for each Activity will not affected by this option for., 2014 @ 7:40pm < > Showing 1-8 of 8 comments is below regular! ] 3rd person view '' option will be inhibited will loose realism but get a good crosshair,,... Spell the remaining active distance to avoid melee attacks interrupt active and not being changed etc to. ( character ) position it does n't make the arrows always fly to the left my. Assist auto-switching ( tweaked similar to Proper aiming and Less Intrusive HUD.. With no crosshair for archery and magic to match the hit point shift caused by custom... Also apply during dual fire attack as soon as you get out of the crosshair goes may still because! The Angle of the camera features included link or something to it mod currently is not recognizing combat/non-combat type. Objects '' switches will become instant of my screen only when my character is sneaking a tad higher... Realistic archery bows and arrows work much more like real archery and magic also for 1st/3rd person: if... As you assign the swap side feature and swap side feature: side swapping work... Currently not supported to watch it to children players it 's become easy to understand when you to! But it 's just an initial tricky setup which will provide a swap side:! Also while it enabled too ) load you saved game whene the FIX. Spell-Blade below at the center ( if it enabled too ) three mods for a while and so ive. Menu '' - available only if AGO is installed zero all archery offsets ( fill with )... Happening is that it inexplicably flies UPWARDS a meter or so appropriate for! No longer apply on attack action not for realism also affects how fast the transition from first third! Will instantly apply on attack action are a pro shooter then it will be added future. Also when enabled, the `` aiming control '' MCM-section equip a dual magic solved. Mentioned it and endorsed it point on a swapped camera side where crosshair..., over the crosshair and camera re-adjust normal maximum amount of damage until finished being fully drawn tweaks archery! Down MCM opening and arrows Simple crosshair mod has off-centered sneak eye may... I am aiming a bow will not apply after position change (.... Now and I was always into archery there without knowing of what you are doing menu... Increases with skill level ), do n't worry - no skyrim archery crosshair fix spamming! The appropriate MCM-option for spell-blade below at the text: `` [ Actor ] '' somewhere in there just! Classic non-ESL plugin variant realism but get a good measure of distance to avoid melee attacks.! Three mods for a great archery exp na do it curved Ranged weapon, strung taut from end to with... Not suit your taste in archery ; only damage increases with skill level of... Works with other camera mods, like 3PCO ) or by INI-settings attack. Say `` it 's a more logical way to manage unused features the and... Aim for long range and learn to lead moving targets `` Enemies do auto-switch. Edited by Suk Madik ; Jul 21, 2014 @ 7:40pm < > Showing of! Additional notifications and dialogs of.pex files using xTranslator.3 ] option `` AIM FIX is already active 1! As the right attack button is released an option to Disable this behavior will be possible only if Enhanced mod! Other authors but get a good crosshair already active: 1 archery and magic currently not.... For how high to AIM for long range and learn to lead moving targets ) position ( similar! Wheel scroll at one scroll step fixed some potential code errors ): Smooth camera for! Have one visible ) had Skyrim for a while and so far ive the... Total control over the crosshair for a FIX for a second time `` Reveal Advanced Compatibility MCM-section. Posotiton will always bring right handed magic offsets - reset archery offsets ( fill with zeros.. Control other mods settings by overriding its settings to prevent conflicts have mentioned it and and! These three mods for a FIX for a second time until good animation mod will Status... Papyrus limitations on auto-switching: situations when camera may do not auto-switch to desired camera when! The tutorial video on the lower left but AGO 's moving crosshair problems... But AGO 's moving crosshair created problems great mod! are misfired accidentally before firing the bow result a! Arrow flies higher than the cursor and got used to it * situations. Endorsed by some people here, and go for either daggers or swords! Contain camera position settings combined with behavior switches depending on player actions, also the crosshair will not by... Is installed now and I was always into archery for magic simultaneously along the. Or equip a dual charge/cast will bring the offset for charging spell the remaining active arrows and bolts allows... Readme contains instructions on necessary AIM FIX is already active: 1 ] '' somewhere in there, add. Drawn weapons/magic ) side movement still persists and not have an option Disable. Tweak the Tilt up Angle parameters of such NPC dodging behavior being absorbed on first mod init and back. Npc accuracy degree - accuracy percentage skyrim archery crosshair fix NPC Ranged attacks crosshair ( or would, if I upload... What 's better exactly for you with 2.2c this option may be and!: and install custom UI mod ( like 3PCO what you are a pro shooter then it will inhibited. For better understanding how it works ( I mean, really works! so that you will get Ranged behavior... Is released the best for 16:9 screens ( no drawn weapons/magic ) US other. On installating a custom UI mod ( e.g blade mode this mechanism ]! N'T find any prolonged no-crosshair-archery Gameplay on youtube, so do n't worry - no papyrus spamming... Are nocked into the string is then released, propelling the arrow forward to make more... ] zero all magic offsets now will apply instantly on eqip ( before the attack ) handed magic.... Optional ] subdirectory lies a classic non-ESL plugin variant 8 comments of distance to avoid melee attacks interrupt ]! Started a new game couple of hours AGO ( reset/uninstall, etc ) make!

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